Saturday 14 March 2015

London Fashion Weekend - Part Three featuring Finchittida Finch

My final blog on London Fashion Weekend coverage is around jewellery and accessories. As mentioned in my first LFW blog, the accessories showcased at this year's event stood out for me more than the clothes. There's so much that can be done with accessories to add to any outfit including hair accessories, jewellery, handbags and shoes.

My favourite brand from this category for LFW has to be Finchittida Finch, which is a jewellery brand based in London. Owned by twin sisters Lisa and Tida Finch, this jewellery label is described as for those who are 'risk takers & trailblazers'. I viewed their whole collection which I thought was absolutely stunning. The designs are very distinctive, chic and edgy at the same time. I've never seen any jewellery like it before and there's a lot of variety in their collection - from earrings to to body chains and chokers. I even got to try on one of the gorgeous body chains in the collection. They are great as they can transform any outfit, whether in the day or at night.

Wearing the Empress Body Chain

I even got to meet and speak with the twin sisters, Lisa and Tida, and found out more about what the brand does. The jewellery label has a mission to help with clearing bombs from Laos and every piece of Finchittida Finch jewellery purchased helps with this. This makes the brand even more respectable as you know that your purchase of jewellery is helping towards a good cause.

Me with Lisa and Tida Finch at London Fashion Weekend

Finally, after browsing through all the jewellery showcased at London Fashion Weekend I managed to decide which piece I wanted to purchase. I bought the Mini Bodhi Silver Earrings in pink as shown below. They look heavy but they are actually very light when worn as the charms are made from mirror-acrylic (a lightweight fashion forward material) with the FF patterns engraved across the surface. These earrings will go with any outfit and can be worn during the day or night which is what I really like about them. All purchases also come in a lovely gift box!

I'm sure I will be purchasing more jewellery from the Finchittida range in the future and I'm so glad that I've discovered this amazing and inspirational brand. Looking forward to seeing how the twin sisters go on to develop it in the future! Find out more about Finchittida Finch at their website -

Mini Bodhi Silver Earrings in Pink

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