Sunday 21 July 2019

Brunch at Crispin in Spitalfields

When I first saw this building from afar I didn't think it was a restaurant, but perhaps an event venue or even an exhibition space. However the closer I walked to it, I realised that this purpose build 'spaceship' like building was a lovely little restaurant and cafe.

Photo credit: Time Out

I visited Crispin the other week for brunch with a friend and I really wanted to write a review as I think it's one of the Spitalfields area's hidden gems. Both indoor and outdoor seating is available and luckily with the sweltering heat on the morning that I visited, we were able to secure a table outside and soak up the sunshine over a healthy and delicious breakfast.

I ordered the avocado on sourdough, with lemon, chilli and chives and my friend ordered the eggs and soldiers, which also looked delicious. Although my breakfast plate sounds relatively simple, the seasoning really made it, plus the locally sourced sourdough, which Crispin prides itself on. I also ordered a fresh drink to complement my brunch, which was the carrot, apple, orange and ginger juice. It was so refreshing and really set me up for the day.

The menu may be small, but the breakfast options do cater for all with healthy options like porridge, overnight oats and even banana bread. I also thought the pricing was very reasonable, with my avocado on sourdough coming to £6.90.

For those visiting the Spitalfields area, I would certainly recommend visiting Crispin, even if it's just for a coffee and cake.

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