Thursday, 15 February 2018

How to pick the perfect swimsuit or bikini

As you may have guessed, I’m always planning my next trip abroad. I’m soon off to Dubai to visit one of my best friends and when thinking about holiday outfits, swimsuits and bikinis are often the first thing I pack. The feel of sand in your toes and the clear blue sea is what we all long for during the cold winter months in the UK. But when shopping for your perfect swimsuit, I’ve put together some tips to help you find your most flattering fit.

Pick your style

There are so many types of swimsuits, from backless to strapless, and there’s one to suit everyone. Browse all of the different styles, try them on and take your pick. The most important thing is being comfortable in whichever you choose. Personally, I always go for strapless swimsuits as it means I don’t get tan lines on my shoulders and I find the strapless ones the most flattering on my figure. Plus, this green swimsuit has extra details such as lace panelled sides, which makes it even more interesting to wear.

Pick your colour

I would usually go for bright coloured swimsuits for my beach holidays, but my friend who I was shopping with in Thailand convinced me to buy this green swimsuit instead. At first I wasn’t too sure, but when I tried it on I loved it! The green tone compliments my olive skin tone well, so don’t be scared to try something different. Equally, if you usually wear dark coloured swimsuits and bikinis, why not mix it up and wear something brighter.


I know I always talk about accessorising outfits, and I think there’s no difference when it comes to swimsuits. From beach necklaces to sarongs, there’s lots of little touches you can add to your beach day outfit. In Krabi in Thailand, I was very minimalistic with this beach look, as I just wore my sunglasses as I was in and out of the sea a lot! But other things I take with me to the beach include a small beach bag and stylish sandals. Sometimes I even wear beach bracelets and necklaces.


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