Sunday 28 May 2017

What to wear for work in the summer

What to wear for work in the summer

For those of you in the UK this week, you'll know that we've had a sudden heatwave of glorious weather. I absolutely love the hot weather in England, but when you're at work or the office during the day, it can get very hot and sticky depending on what you're wearing. I like to still look stylish whilst keeping cool in the heat. Here are my top tips on dressing for the office during the summer months.

Stick to cool fabrics 

During the summer, wool dresses and tops are a definite no for me. It's so important to choose the right fabrics, so things like linen are very popular during summer. This blue dress I'm wearing from New Look is a light fabric which keeps me cool when it's super hot.

What to wear for work in the summer

Space to breathe

I try to avoid tight clothing when it gets really hot in the office. For example, this blue dress I'm wearing is so comfortable and spacious whilst still being flattering. I also like to have bare legs in the summer as tights make me feel too hot! The dress is quite open which is definitely a good thing, as my arms and legs have lots of room.

What to wear for work in the summer

Open shoes

This depends on your company policy about footwear, but if possible I like to have shoes that are open either at the back or front so that my feet have space to breathe as well. There's nothing worse than sticky feet during a heatwave! These gorgeous cream and black shoes are open at the back, giving my feet plenty of space to move around and breathe. They also look very smart for the office.

As you can probably tell, I am loving this weather in England at the moment - let's hope it lasts!

Photography by Kirstie Melville.

How do you like to dress for work in the summer months? 


  1. This post came at the most perfect time for the weather! I love this kind of cut of dresses, so easy to wear & I'm still jealous of the shoes hehe xx

    1. It's been such lovely weather this week! Thank you Kirstie, and I'm so obsessed with these shoes too!