Sunday 30 April 2017

10 places I want to travel to next

I'm so lucky and grateful to have travelled to lots of countries all over the world. From America to India and from Europe to Morocco, Dubai and Thailand, I feel very grateful that I've had the opportunity to travel so much in my early twenties. That being said, there's still a lot of the world that I haven't seen and I have my own personal list of places that are still on my ever increasing to-do list. Below are ten places that I want to travel to in no particular order. There's still lots more places on my list, but here's just ten for now!

1. San Francisco, Las Vegas and LA

Many people visit these three places in one trip which is why I have bunched them together. When travelling to that part of America, I would love to see LA, Vegas and San Francisco over a two or three week holiday. The bright lights of Vegas, the fascinating streets of San Francisco and the glamour of LA all give me so much excitement! I can't wait to explore that side of America, as I've only ever been to New York.

2. Australia

This has been a dream of mine since I was very young. Seeing the Sydney Opera House in the flesh would be an absolute dream, as well as exploring the Outback, Melbourne and Brisbane. Again I think I would ideally want that to be a long trip of maybe three weeks or a whole month.

3. Canada

Canada has always been fascinating to me and specifically Toronto and seeing the natural beauty of Niagara Falls are both high on my bucket list.

4. South Africa

It would be amazing to go on an actual safari! I also really want to stay in Cape Town and visit Johannesburg to get a real vibe of the culture in South Africa.

5. Japan

As well as being a great fashion city, Japan's cosmopolitan nature would be a dream to experience. Tokyo is well known for its skyscrapers and I would also want to visit the temples national parks in Japan.

6. Brazil and Argentina

Another point on my bucket list is going to the Rio Carnival. I would love to visit Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana beach, the iconic Christ the Redeemer Statue and even dance in the streets of Rio with the locals.

7. Iceland

I'm usually someone that loves to visit hot countries, but Iceland is a must for me! Specifically the Blue Lagoon which is a geothermal hot spa would be amazing to bathe in.

8. Malaysia

I would love to see all of the skyscrapers as well as the remote areas and really get a sense of the culture. I'm also really excited to try the food as well!

9. Singapore

This exotic country is another one of those on the bucket list and the photos I have seen look amazing. The busy city life excites me as well as the green spaces, so I would love to go and explore the place in detail.

10. Austria

In particular Vienna is on my top list as it looks like such a lovely city. However, I would also really like to see the rivers and lakes and maybe even go on a walking or hiking trip in Austria!

There's so many more countries on my list but for now I thought I would narrow it down to ten. The world is an amazing place so it's always been a vision of mine since I was very young to travel as much as I could.

What countries or places are on your travel bucket list?

Photography by Kirstie Melville.

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