Wednesday 2 November 2016

How to transition your wardrobe into Autumn

As the weather gets slightly colder, there's so much you can do with your wardrobe to keep you looking stylish whilst still wrapping up warm. I'm much more of a summer fashion girl, but when Autumn arrives I like to embrace it and have fun with what I'm wearing and buying this time of year.

Layer up 

Autumn doesn't mean you have to stop wearing your favourite summer clothes and put a baggy jumper on. Simply wear your favourite dress with a pair of tights and boots. Layer up the top half of your body with a bright scarf and you're good to go. I have one particular dress that I can wear in all seasons of the year - it's just about how you wear it and accessorise it.

Invest in a good pair of boots 

For those rainy November days or snowy December days (if we're lucky), investing in a good quality pair of boots will see you right through to next year. I recently bought a pair of black ankle boots from Wallis and I can wear them with dresses or trousers. Browse through which styles you think suit you and treat yourself to some boots.

Be bright and bold 

As the days get darker, why not brighten things up with what you wear. I don't currently have any black coats so I always opt for a bright colour such as this pink coat from Zara. If you're like me and feel the cold a lot, you'll also be in your coat a lot! So I like to make sure my coats can brighten up the grey and gloomy days.

Find high quality knitwear

Investing in good quality knitwear can make all the difference when transitioning into Autumn. Buying a few different coloured jumpers so that you can keep wearing them over and over again is also a great idea. 

Photography by Kirstie Melville.

How do you transition your wardrobe into Autumn? 


  1. I'm a summer girl too but I must admit when we fully get into Autumn I embrace it and love layering up!

    1. It's great to embrace it and try out different styles :)

  2. Lovely, thanks for sharing! AND I love your coat!

    Patricia / Patricia Stelmach