Monday 29 August 2016

Luxury treatments and Fire & Ice Experience at The Belfry Spa

Image credit: The Belfry Spa

Last week I decided to book a well-deserved luxury spa day at The Belfry Spa in Sutton Coldfield with one of my friends. I believe it's so important to look after yourself and spa days with treatments can really help to re-energise and relax your body. We get so caught up in this busy world that sometimes there is nothing better than a little 'me time' where you spoil yourself. I like to book spa days every couple of months as I enjoy spa retreats in the countryside and completely switching off from the outside world. This includes time away from my phone, laptop and any other distractions. In between spa days, I also like to have regular monthly treatments at local city spas which can include facials and deep tissue massages. As a regular spa-goer, I like to think I know quality when I see it, so when I was booking myself into The Belfry Spa I knew this would be an extra special and luxurious day.

The day started off with two treatments - a back massage and facial. I think it's great to start any spa day off with your treatments as afterwards you feel so pampered and relaxed, ready to enjoy the steam rooms and saunas. The treatments were followed by afternoon tea at The Belfry, which was delicious with fresh scones, cakes and sandwiches.

In the afternoon I booked the Fire & Ice Experience which is one of the things that The Belfry Spa is most famous for. This is essentially a 90 minute relaxation experience in 12 bio thermal rooms. Each of the rooms are designed to awaken your senses. For example, there is an Igloo room where ice crystals are available to rub on your body and leave you feeling cool and refreshed. On the opposite scale there is a Crystal Steam room that combines oils and warm steam that cleanses your skin. This was one of my favourite spa experiences and I left feeling so refreshed.

If you're looking for a special treat or just want to indulge and treat yourself, I would definitely recommend a spa day at The Belfry Spa. I'm already looking forward to going back to the Fire & Ice Experience!

Have you ever been to The Belfry Spa? What are your favourite spa treatments?

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