Wednesday 1 June 2016

Petite Clothes Shopping Tips

As a petite lady, I wanted to share my experiences of clothes shopping and some of my top tips on how to shop for petite clothes. There are lots of brands out there that specialise in petite clothing, with many high street retailers also bringing out petite ranges. So there is lots of choice when it comes to buying clothes, but I think there are certain tricks and tips to help you look your best.

For those of you that don't know, I am a petite size 8, I am 5 feet tall and my shoe size is 3. I haven't struggled to find clothes that fit me perfectly, but I do think it's important to wear clothes that suit my figure. For example, I don't think that midi dresses and skirts would suit me as they are too long. Instead I would opt for a knee length skirt or dress to compliment my figure and height.

Watch my latest video on my YouTube channel to see my tips for shopping for petite clothes. Enjoy :)

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