Saturday, 7 May 2016

The film premiere of 'Miss England: A Serious Business' at Curve Theatre

On Tuesday 3rd May 2016 I was invited to the premiere of the documentary 'Miss England: A Serious Business' at Curve Theatre in Leicester. The documentary was filmed and produced by Pukaar News, a local news agency. It was filmed in 2015 and shows the journey and experiences of five aspiring Miss England contestants. The film included interviews showing both critics of the beauty pageant as well as supporters.

Image credit: Pukaar News

Upon arrival at Curve with some of my fellow blogger friends, we were welcomed with a drinks reception at the Mez and the evening started with a couple of songs sung by Lydia Unsudimi. After this the documentary was shown, followed by an interesting Q&A session. The evening was hosted by Sameena Ali-Khan from ITV News, who did a fantastic job chairing the Q&A session too.

Image credit: Pukaar News

The current Miss England, Natasha Hemmings defended the beauty pageant during the Q&A. She said: "Miss England celebrates all types of beauty ... It makes me feel sad that girls think they have to look a certain way to enter".

I found the whole documentary and Q&A session fascinating as it's interesting to see different people's perception of the beauty pageant. Thank you to Pukaar News for a great evening and to Media TwentyFour for inviting me.

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