Saturday 5 December 2015

The label.m dry shampoo review

I have discovered a new must have haircare item - the label.m dry shampoo (or as I like to call it, 'magic shampoo'). I was given this product to try at a local blogger meet up in my goodie bag from Danique hairdressing. Having tried various other brands of dry shampoo including Batiste, Pantene and Aussie, I was open to trying a new dry shampoo as I haven't found my go-to product just yet.

I first used the label.m dry shampoo last week on the third day after washing my hair and it worked like magic! After spraying on my hair, it felt instantly fresher and even looked less greasy! I couldn't believe how instantly it worked and it also smells great. Some dry shampoos smell like hairspray however the label.m one smells like lovely shampoo.

I'm trying to wash my hair twice a week or every three days so it's taking time for me to train my hair to get used to it. However dry shampoo in between washes does help. I would definitely recommend the label.m dry shampoo to anyone who is looking to try a different one to the products you can get from your local drugstore.

label.m dry shampoo and other products are available at selected hair salons. I got mine from Danique Hairdressing so thank you to the lovely staff at Danique for introducing me to it.  

Label.m dry shampoo

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  1. Magic Shampoo! Wow, amazing blog, will have to try the magic in this :)