Thursday 3 September 2015

Rituals City Spa

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Peace and tranquillity can be found in even the most busiest of places. I recently visited one of the Rituals City Spas for a few hours of relaxation and some pampering. It is often thought that you need to go somewhere rural or in the countryside to find a spa where you can relax, unwind and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. However, I recently discovered that Rituals have their own City Spas in selected stores. You can enjoy spa treatments and relaxation in one of the selected Rituals stores. I visited the Leicester Highcross Rituals City Spa and had a lovely few hours of relaxation and treatments.

I was first treated to a manicure with a shape and polish. My hands were left feeling smooth and soft and the nail polish I chose was in the shade Ruby Red. My therapist then showed me the relaxation and treatment room where I relaxed on an elevated chair and enjoyed a facial. The products used were the Sensational Soft Cleanser, Brightening Exfoliator and Intensive Moisturising Mask. The facial was really beneficial for my skin and left me feeling refreshed and relaxed. The mask is non-drying and leaves your skin feeling moisturised. A refreshing spray 'Happy Mist' was used at the end of my treatment and this is also great for using at home and even on your pillow at night.

I ended my visit to the Rituals City Spa by purchasing a few products to try myself at home. I treated myself to some shampoo, body wash and also a face mask which was used during my facial (see below).
Visit for a list of city spas and where you can also buy their products.

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