Sunday 28 April 2013

Style for your home!

Although I usually blog about fashion, I thought it would be nice to write about style for your home as this is equally as important. It’s just as important to make your home feel good about itself as it is to make yourself feel good when shopping and dressing yourself in the morning.

I recently discovered the brand Duck Egg Designs who are truly unique in their vintage designs and ideas to decorate your home. I personally love the vintage style as it’s classic and will never be outdated. It also creates a warm and welcoming feeling for your home with so many different styles of vintage to choose from. Duck Egg have some great items in their online shop to choose from that will add a touch of classic vintage to your home.

Now here’s my favourite part – here are my favourite items on offer that would suit any home – my recommendations:


Duck Egg are famously known for their fabrics. With a lovely range to choose from my personal favourite is the ‘Norfolk Crab’ print. I like the fact that it’s quite unique – imagine having the fabric in your bathroom! Now that’s something you wouldn’t see in a lot of people’s bathrooms. 

Norfolk Crab Fabric Print

Items for the home

Another of my favourite items is the 1930’s Enamel jug. Described by Duck Egg as ‘shabby chic’, this decorative jug is perfect for adding a touch of vintage to your kitchen table. Alternatively, it can be used on garden tables as a decoration for when you’re entertaining guests during summer parties.

1930 's Enamel Jug

Poster prints

One of the latest products of Duck Egg Designs are their poster prints. These have to be my all time favourite product of the company as they are suitable for any room in the house. For example, the quirky posters such as ‘Don’t cry over spilt milk’ would be fantastic in any kitchen! The best one for me however is the ‘One day’ poster as it’s open for the observer to interpret it however they want – definitely suitable for daydreamers!

One Day Poster Print

I would highly recommend Duck Egg Designs to anyone looking to decorate their home from scratch or even if you just want to add some sparkle to an area of your home. Have a browse through their lovely website -

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