Sunday 9 December 2012

Vogue's Online Fashion Week

This week was the exciting annual Vogue Online Fashion Week where customers could take advantage of special offers and discounts from leading designers. The first week of December was perfect timing for such an event in the run up to Christmas, as the fashion fans were able to get their Christmas gift shopping done (as well as personal shopping of course).

Throughout the week there was special advice given by celebrities including Scarlett Johansson who shared her Christmas gift inspiration. With special blogs being posted on Vogue's website, there was something for everyone with opportunities to buy or just browse.

Offers and news were posted across the brand's social media sites, with the hash tag #OFW trending across Twitter conversations. Discounts and giveaways from brands such as Selfridges and ASOS were promoted through the social channels. On the last day of Online Fashion Week, Claudia Schiffer shared her Christmas present ideas along with other designers.

Overall it was a great brand piece by Vogue and was positioned well in December with Christmas just around the corner. With celebrity endorsements included, there were many ways to entice the Vogue audiences and acquire new ones.

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