Friday 2 December 2011

Style tips: Looking fashionable during winter

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Well the winter is officially here and it's very cold! We're all tempted to snuggle up under a blanket in front of the fireplace for the next couple of months, but there are ways to keep warm and still look great whilst you're out and about. It can be very tempting to just throw on a baggy but warm jumper with jeans, put your coat on and some boots and walk out the door. But why not take on the cold winter and mix up different looks to keep yourself feeling and looking fabulous?

My first tip would be to invest in a few (two or maybe three) winter coats. If you look around, most people are wearing dark colours such as black, brown and grey. Whilst I think it's great to have a dark coloured coat like this because it does go with every outfit, I also believe in bringing a bit of colour to the winter season. For example, bright colours like red, blue and yellow look great during winter because they really stand out. So mix up which coats you wear on different days and try new colours.

My second recommendation would be to have some boots ready for winter. Again, don't be afraid to have different coloured boots - I think red and brown look fantastic during the autumn/winter seasons. Comfort is key when choosing boots, especially if you're going be walking in the frost and snow! So I would go for small heels like the ones shown below, or alternatively flat-heeled boots are always great and very comfortable.     

Round Toe High Heel Stretch Boots

If you're looking for everyday jeans to wear during the winter, I always think that skinny jeans are the best. They show off your figure well and under a coat you can still see the bottom half of your legs, which is very fitted with skinny jeans. Dark and light blue jeans both look great and skinny jeans look even better with both heels and boots.

Up next is jewellery and accessories (my favourite part)! It's so important to accessorise your outfit in the winter as when you are walking around, all that can be seen is your coat and shoes. Jewellery and other accessories really make your outfit your own and you can put your own style to it. My personal favourites are rings and earrings. A little bit of 'bling' like the Gucci ring shown below, add some sparkle to your outfit. Similarly the earrings shown are also very eye-catching and bright and helps to add some colour to your outfit, especially if you're wearing dark colours. I'm a big fan of indian jewellery and I always love to add some indian earrings or a necklace to my everyday outfits.


Lastly it's always good to finish off your look by applying make up. In the winter bright colours really do make a big impact, so be daring and try bright lip gloss like reds and pinks. Also try bright eye-shadows that stand out and help to give you that winter glow!  

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