Thursday 27 October 2011

The wonders of Indian jewellery

Indian jewellery is my favourite style to wear, both in the day, at night and for special occasions. The great thing about it is that you can mix and match different pieces of jewellery with a range of outfits. For example this necklace pictured above by Amrita Singh is absolutely stunning and would go well with a black evening dress, as well as a more casual summer dress. I really think it's all about how you wear the jewellery and a stylish necklace or bracelet can go well with almost any outfit.

My friends say that I really like my "bling" and to be honest, it is true! Without going over the top with flashy jewellery, I like pieces that stand out but are classy and elegant. Although all of these necklaces would look amazing if paired with matching earrings, especially for occasions such as weddings, sometimes it is really nice to wear just the necklace alone because it would stand out enough. Either way jewellery does wonders for your outfit.

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