Saturday, 29 October 2016

What to wear for an Autumn break in Prague

Visiting Prague in October is the one of the best times to go. It's the perfect weather for exploring the city, with it not being too cold or too hot. I wanted to share my tips on what to wear during the Autumn in Prague.

Choose a stylish jacket 

On most days whilst I was there, I chose to wear my leather jacket in the day time. This was perfect to keep me warm, but as you are walking around a lot anyway, it was just something classic and timeless to wear. I wore a cosy pink jumper under my leather jacket which complemented the maroon jacket I had.

Flat shoes are essential

In this outfit you can see that I wore my flat white shoes from New Look which are so comfy! For a day of walking and exploring you need to be wearing some really comfortable shoes.

Wear your most comfortable jeans 

It can get cold in the autumn in Prague, so I would recommend to wear some jeans to keep your legs nice and warm. I did take some black tights with me in the hope that I would wear them with my black boots and a dress. However, I decided to choose comfort over my boots which I'm happy about! These jeans from H&M are one of my favourite pairs.

Take a cosy coat

Although Prague is still mild in the Autumn, there's no harm in taking your most cosy and warm coat just in case the weather becomes slightly colder and more windy. I wore my pink coat from Zara with the faux fur collar which kept me nice and warm all day. This photo was taken when I visited Prague Castle and as you can see, I paired it with my flat shoes to ensure I was prepared for a day of exploring.

Have you ever visited Prague in the Autumn? 

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Finishing touches for any outfit

Getting ready and finishing off your make up should be an enjoyable experience, with new beauty products constantly being launched for you to try. I'm currently obsessed with a good matte lip to complete my make up and I've recently purchased the NYX soft matte lip cream in the shade London. This is the perfect nude shade for me and it's great to wear in the day time. I find that matte lipsticks are so much more long lasting as well.

Perfume is another favourite of mine to spritz on before you leave your house. I have a lot of perfumes which I have written a whole blog post about - you can read that here. One of my current favourite perfumes is the Hugo Boss BOSS Jour fragrance. As well as being in a gorgeous white and gold bottle, the scent has top notes of agathosma, grapefruit flower and lime accord. It has been inspired by the successful, elegant and on-the-go woman. The fragrance lasts with me all day and it's perfect to spray ahead of a busy day.

Finishing touches like lipsticks and perfumes really help to add that extra sparkle to how you feel. Personally, I feel great when I have finished my make up and wear one of my most luxurious perfumes for the day. It's small things like this that help to lift your mood and increase your confidence. If you're ever having a bad day or not feeling too good, then try finishing touches like this in your morning routine. Although they are small and every day things, they do still make a lot of difference to your mood.

Photography by Kirstie Melville.

How to do you like to finish getting ready?

Monday, 17 October 2016

How to style the smart jacket

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you will know that I love the classic and timeless look. Part of my style is to incorporate a smart jacket or blazer with whatever I'm wearing - from jeans to dresses. I love the smart look, even at weekends and I have several jackets in different colours to complete my outfit.

The red jacket

Red is one of my favourite colours and when I saw this jacket I had to get it. I was at first hesitant as red can be a risky colour, but after pairing it with jeans and then a few of my other outfits, I knew this would be one of those jackets that I would continuously reach for. What makes it interesting is that it has no buttons on it, but the way it sits is so flattering as it acts as a nice item to finish your look.

Colourful shirt

I don't usually wear too many shirts or tops but recently I've been into trying some new tops. The one I'm wearing in this outfit is from ASOS and I love the print. I decided to wear this under the red jacket as it compliments it really well and makes all of the colours pop.

Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans are my all time favourite. They are comfortable, flattering and best of all they can be worn in both the day and night. This pair are from H&M and they have a slightly distressed look with some subtle rips in them.

Black heels 

These black heels from New Look are flattering, elegant and best of all make me look so much taller! As a petite lady, I find that a pair of heels with skinny jeans instantly makes my legs look longer. Heels are also smart and with this smart jacket I couldn't find a better fit.


As always, the key to any outfit for me is the accessories. Here I'm wearing my Valentino sunglasses and my DKNY handbag. It's all about the accessories and adding your own personal touch to complete your outfit.

Photography by Kirstie Melville.

What's your favourite item from my outfit above? 

Friday, 14 October 2016

The Boots No7 Eye Cream



I've always been quite sceptical about eye creams that claim to work wonders for the skin under  and around your eyes. I've tried a couple over the years but it was never something I wanted to heavily invest in as there is always the risk that it won't work and leave you disappointed.

The affordable eye cream 

When No7 at Boots had a special offer on, I decided to try their eye cream from the Youthful range. I've been using it over the last year as part of my evening skincare routine and it has definitely made a difference to the skin around my eyes. It's a lot smoother and firmer and I've always had dark circles under my eyes so it has helped with that as well. It's not a heavy cream so you shouldn't feel discomfort with it.

How to get good results with eye creams 

You definitely have to give eye creams a chance to work, as sometimes I would forget to apply the cream at night which is no wonder why it wasn't working! Try to be consistent in applying your eye cream of choice and like me, you should start to see results. I apply the No7 eye cream before I go to sleep on the area around my eye, underneath my eye and even on my eyelids. 

Have you used the Boots No7 eye cream? Would you recommend any others that I should try?

Monday, 10 October 2016

How to nail the off-duty chic look

As much as I love the smart look with tailored dresses, high heels and jackets, sometimes there is nothing better than to be in a completely casual outfit with flat shoes. In other words, the off-duty chic look. Many top supermodels such as Niomi Campbell and Gigi Hadid have been seen nailing the off-duty look on multiple occasions, which can consist of anything comfy but still looking fantastic. Read on for my top tips when it comes to the off-duty look.

Your shoes will determine your outfit

Pick your shoes wisely. If you're having a chilled weekend day or doing lots of walking, choose your most comfortable pair of shoes. In this outfit, I wore my white flat shoes from New Look as they are really comfortable and ideal for a day out exploring York (as I was doing that day). I find that shoes really determine what kind of outfit you will have, so you can style and match colours afterwards.

Distressed denim

I love the distressed denim that is available to buy and these jeans from H&M are perfect for an off-duty look. Denim is so versatile and it can be paired with pretty much anything, so invest carefully in your jeans and you'll be able to pull loads of styles off.

Keep it simple

For me, I like to think that off-duty it about keeping it simple so I paired my jeans with this plain grey top from ASOS. It's perfect for this time of year as it has the polo neck to keep you warm but is still a light fabric. I also think the grey top and white shoes look great together.


As always, my accessories are key to completing my outfit and my DKNY handbag was perfect to add a hint of glamour to an every day and casual off-duty look.

Grey top - ASOS
Jeans - H&M
Shoes - New Look
Handbag - DKNY

Photography by Kirstie Melville.

How do you wear your off-duty chic look?

Friday, 7 October 2016

Bedtime skincare treats with Eness Cosmetics

When you've had a long hard day there is nothing better than getting home, putting your feet up and pampering your skin. With the weather now changing to slightly colder and crisper, your skin can feel the effects of it so it's important to keep it hydrated and well looked after. The sustainable, ethical and cruelty-free brand Eness Cosmetics has recently launched it's brand in the UK, with a new store now open in Birmingham city centre. More and more people are now looking to ethical brands to buy from, with the ever increasing concerns over sustainability and cruelty. So brands like Eness Cosmetics are sought after and there's definitely a demand for it. Eness Cosmetics very kindly sent me some of their skincare products to try and I have been using them over the last month as a treat to my skin.

The Magnolia Tissue Oil is a lovely and luxurious treat for your skin, especially dry skin. I love to massage it into my skin and it leaves my skin so soft and smelling great.

Another one of my favourites is the Lavender Hand and Nail Cream, which is especially good for this time of year when your hands start to become dryer. The 75ml size is also really handy for slipping into your handbag.

I love using body butters and the Wild Rose Body Butter is so nourishing and fresh. I would recommend using it after a long hot bath and then putting your feet up and relaxing for the rest of the evening.

Eness Cosmetics have opened a brand new store on Cannon Street in Birmingham city centre selling quality body care products such as body butters, candles, soaps and body lotions. The Managing Director of Eness Cosmetics, Justin Clohessy says "As a brand we are passionate about ethical sourcing - and can reassure our customers that no animals have been used in the testing of our products. They are ethical, sustainable and support consumer values. Most importantly, they are affordable to all".

Have you tried any of the Eness Cosmetics range? How do you like to treat your skin after a long day?

Monday, 3 October 2016

London Fashion Weekend - What I wore

I attended this year's London Fashion Weekend with fellow blogger friend Steph and we had an amazing time viewing the fashion trends for Autumn/Winter 2016.

The Dress

For my outfit of the day, I decided to wear this white bodycon dress by Reiss. Although it's plain white, the details on the Reiss dress are stunning, with a cut out pattern effect and three stripes down the middle of the dress. This gives the outfit more of an edge. It's flattering and feminine and falls just above my knee which is perfect. I absolutely love wearing Reiss dresses as the fabric quality is excellent and the designs are classic and timeless.

The Accessories

I accessorised my outfit with my signature Valentino sunglasses, which have the iconic Valentino rockstud design on them. They look so chic and make any of my outfits so much more glamourous. It was also a lovely sunny day when we attended (Friday 23rd September), making it perfect weather for sunglasses like these.

I took my trusty DKNY handbag with me, as it manages to fit all of my day time essentials in it, including my phone, umbrella (just in case), lipstick and purse. The cushioned design of the handbag is classic and elegant and I love wearing it with dresses. My black heels are from New Look and I think the two straps along the front of the shoes makes them stand out. I wore a pair of pink and silver earrings from Finchittida Finch.

Dress - Reiss
Handbag - DKNY
Sunglasses - Valentino
Earrings - Finchittida Finch
Shoes - New Look

Photography by Steph Canham.

Did you attend LFW this year? Which trend did you most like?