Sunday, 20 November 2011

Duchess Catherine - style icon

It's been just over a year now since Kate Middleton and Prince William got engaged. Since coming into the public eye even more since the engagement and wedding, Kate Middleton (or Duchess Catherine as she is now known) has become a true style icon for women all around the world. I've been following her many different styles and have taken inspiration from the different looks she creates. I love the 'classic and timeless' look and I think Duchess Catherine really has that look, along with elegance and beauty.

Catherine has been seen in a range of different brands and designers, and her look and style really appeals to me because she wears a mixture of high street brands and more expensive designer wear. This is why other young women can also identify with her, as she is very down to earth and still the 'girl next door'. For example the Topshop dress that Catherine has been spotted in looks great on her and was still an affordable price (in fact, I'm sure that the Topshop dress sold out in stores after she had been seen wearing it!), see left image below. Other casual day time looks that Catherine pulls off with elegance include the jeans and shirt look (see middle images below). She looks very smart but still casual, as she has nicely matched the outfit with flat shoes.


A more formal day time look that Catherine has worn include the scarlet jacket and skirt suit which she wore to visit St Andrews University with Prince William (see right image above). The outfit keeps you warm and still looks incredibly chic and glamourous. The red and black colours complement each other well and the leather gloves that Catherine wore with the suit looked great.

Much more formal outfits that Catherine has worn include the world famous royal blue engagement dress by Issa, which also sold out in stores and online as soon as Catherine had worn it (see left image below). The dress is very flattering for your figure with the wrap detail around the waist, but it's still very simple which is why it looks amazing - I like to call this type of look 'effortlessly stunning'.

                                           Kate Middleton in Joseph white dress and Jimmy Choo white pump

Another of my favourite dresses that Catherine has worn is the beautiful Jenny Packman gown pictured in the middle image above. The pale pink dress with sequins is perfect for a black tie event, and again the dress really complements your figure. The final image on the right hand side shows Catherine in a simple yet stylish Joseph dress. Once again the simple but 'effortlessly stunning' look is shown here. This type of dress can be worn at a party or even to work with a smart jacket and heels. The neutral colour gives the outfit that kind of versatility. Duchess Catherine is a true style icon for modern women and I always love to see what she wears to all types of occasions.

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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Glamourous Charas dresses for the party season!

The festive and party season is upon us, which means it's also time to get those special dresses out and ready for the glitz and glamour! One of my favourite designers is Charas which has an amazing range of dresses. Pictured above is my personal favourite because it goes so well with a range of occasions. For example, I've worn the dress to a lovely wedding in Dublin but I also wore it to a ball and a party a while ago. This is the great thing about these dresses, as you can wear them to different types of parties.

For me, the best look of Charas dresses are the ones that have corset backs. This adds to the elegance of the dress and also makes you stand out when wearing it. See below for examples which show the feminine look of the dresses complement the sexy aspect of the corset from the back.


If you're looking for something a bit longer in length then Charas also have a fantastic range of prom dresses. These are perfect for any kind of glamourous evening events and Charas have many great styles to choose from. I've picked out my favourite prom dresses below!


Whatever style of dress you choose, you are guaranteed to feel stunning wearing it as the dresses really complement your figure. The dresses are elegant and classic whilst still having that modern and edgy twist.