Saturday, 17 December 2011

Elizabeth Taylor's jewels


Elizabeth Taylor's jewellery sold for more than £80million this week at an auction at Christie's in New York. A three day auction was held this week and some items even sold for as much as 150 times their reserve price. The most expensive piece of jewellery sold was the 50-carat pearl, diamond and ruby necklace which is named La Peregrina. This was sold at £7.5million on the evening of Tuesday 13th December (see below).


Some of my favourite pieces from the auction also include the Sapphire Sautoir which sold for £3.8million, the Taj Mahal necklace that sold for £5.6million, the famous Antique Diamond Tiara for £2.7million and the iconic Liz Taylor Diamond ring that was given to her by Richard Burton in 1968. This ring sold for an amazing £5.6million.

                                    Sapphire Sautoir                                 Taj Mahal necklace

                               Antique Diamond Tiara                           Liz Taylor Diamond

The auction was a fantastic tribute to the Hollywood star, who sadly passed away in March 2011 aged 79. She was a true style icon with a fine taste in jewellery and is admired by many people all around the world.


Sunday, 11 December 2011

Chanel's India inspired collection - 2012


Chanel took inspiration from Indian fashion for their latest collection for 2012. The collection includes a lot of white, gold and silver coloured outfits, as well as embroidered jackets. Karl Lagerfeld, the designer, explained that "it's all about refinement. It's the Paris version of the idea of India". He also said that "most of the inspiration is from Indian men's clothes rather than women's clothes". This can be seen with outfits such as white trouser suit as shown below on the left. Fine details like the embroidery and jewellery really make the collection stand out, and I think this India-inspired look will appeal to women all around the world.


Friday, 2 December 2011

Style tips: Looking fashionable during winter

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Well the winter is officially here and it's very cold! We're all tempted to snuggle up under a blanket in front of the fireplace for the next couple of months, but there are ways to keep warm and still look great whilst you're out and about. It can be very tempting to just throw on a baggy but warm jumper with jeans, put your coat on and some boots and walk out the door. But why not take on the cold winter and mix up different looks to keep yourself feeling and looking fabulous?

My first tip would be to invest in a few (two or maybe three) winter coats. If you look around, most people are wearing dark colours such as black, brown and grey. Whilst I think it's great to have a dark coloured coat like this because it does go with every outfit, I also believe in bringing a bit of colour to the winter season. For example, bright colours like red, blue and yellow look great during winter because they really stand out. So mix up which coats you wear on different days and try new colours.

My second recommendation would be to have some boots ready for winter. Again, don't be afraid to have different coloured boots - I think red and brown look fantastic during the autumn/winter seasons. Comfort is key when choosing boots, especially if you're going be walking in the frost and snow! So I would go for small heels like the ones shown below, or alternatively flat-heeled boots are always great and very comfortable.     

Round Toe High Heel Stretch Boots

If you're looking for everyday jeans to wear during the winter, I always think that skinny jeans are the best. They show off your figure well and under a coat you can still see the bottom half of your legs, which is very fitted with skinny jeans. Dark and light blue jeans both look great and skinny jeans look even better with both heels and boots.

Up next is jewellery and accessories (my favourite part)! It's so important to accessorise your outfit in the winter as when you are walking around, all that can be seen is your coat and shoes. Jewellery and other accessories really make your outfit your own and you can put your own style to it. My personal favourites are rings and earrings. A little bit of 'bling' like the Gucci ring shown below, add some sparkle to your outfit. Similarly the earrings shown are also very eye-catching and bright and helps to add some colour to your outfit, especially if you're wearing dark colours. I'm a big fan of indian jewellery and I always love to add some indian earrings or a necklace to my everyday outfits.


Lastly it's always good to finish off your look by applying make up. In the winter bright colours really do make a big impact, so be daring and try bright lip gloss like reds and pinks. Also try bright eye-shadows that stand out and help to give you that winter glow!  

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Duchess Catherine - style icon

It's been just over a year now since Kate Middleton and Prince William got engaged. Since coming into the public eye even more since the engagement and wedding, Kate Middleton (or Duchess Catherine as she is now known) has become a true style icon for women all around the world. I've been following her many different styles and have taken inspiration from the different looks she creates. I love the 'classic and timeless' look and I think Duchess Catherine really has that look, along with elegance and beauty.

Catherine has been seen in a range of different brands and designers, and her look and style really appeals to me because she wears a mixture of high street brands and more expensive designer wear. This is why other young women can also identify with her, as she is very down to earth and still the 'girl next door'. For example the Topshop dress that Catherine has been spotted in looks great on her and was still an affordable price (in fact, I'm sure that the Topshop dress sold out in stores after she had been seen wearing it!), see left image below. Other casual day time looks that Catherine pulls off with elegance include the jeans and shirt look (see middle images below). She looks very smart but still casual, as she has nicely matched the outfit with flat shoes.


A more formal day time look that Catherine has worn include the scarlet jacket and skirt suit which she wore to visit St Andrews University with Prince William (see right image above). The outfit keeps you warm and still looks incredibly chic and glamourous. The red and black colours complement each other well and the leather gloves that Catherine wore with the suit looked great.

Much more formal outfits that Catherine has worn include the world famous royal blue engagement dress by Issa, which also sold out in stores and online as soon as Catherine had worn it (see left image below). The dress is very flattering for your figure with the wrap detail around the waist, but it's still very simple which is why it looks amazing - I like to call this type of look 'effortlessly stunning'.

                                           Kate Middleton in Joseph white dress and Jimmy Choo white pump

Another of my favourite dresses that Catherine has worn is the beautiful Jenny Packman gown pictured in the middle image above. The pale pink dress with sequins is perfect for a black tie event, and again the dress really complements your figure. The final image on the right hand side shows Catherine in a simple yet stylish Joseph dress. Once again the simple but 'effortlessly stunning' look is shown here. This type of dress can be worn at a party or even to work with a smart jacket and heels. The neutral colour gives the outfit that kind of versatility. Duchess Catherine is a true style icon for modern women and I always love to see what she wears to all types of occasions.

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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Glamourous Charas dresses for the party season!

The festive and party season is upon us, which means it's also time to get those special dresses out and ready for the glitz and glamour! One of my favourite designers is Charas which has an amazing range of dresses. Pictured above is my personal favourite because it goes so well with a range of occasions. For example, I've worn the dress to a lovely wedding in Dublin but I also wore it to a ball and a party a while ago. This is the great thing about these dresses, as you can wear them to different types of parties.

For me, the best look of Charas dresses are the ones that have corset backs. This adds to the elegance of the dress and also makes you stand out when wearing it. See below for examples which show the feminine look of the dresses complement the sexy aspect of the corset from the back.


If you're looking for something a bit longer in length then Charas also have a fantastic range of prom dresses. These are perfect for any kind of glamourous evening events and Charas have many great styles to choose from. I've picked out my favourite prom dresses below!


Whatever style of dress you choose, you are guaranteed to feel stunning wearing it as the dresses really complement your figure. The dresses are elegant and classic whilst still having that modern and edgy twist.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Christian Louboutin shoes = Stunning + Amazing + Glamourous!

I currently adore the stunning collection of shoes by Christian Louboutin. The classic signature touch of the red colour block underneath the shoes is both stylish and elegant and makes you feel gorgeous knowing that you're walking around in these shoes. 

What I love most about the collection is that every pair of shoes is completely different in its own way, whilst still adhering to the classic and timeless feel of the French designer's brand. It's also great that no pair of shoes is too daring to be on sale. I personally love the classic black and red high heeled shoes as pictured above because they can be worn in the day or at night and they go with absolutely everything, from a smart suit for work to an evening dress. They are also extremely comfortable as there's a hidden platform in a lot of the styles of shoes, so you don't feel as if you're walking in shoes that are too high for you.

Apart from the classic and timeless shoes, I also love the more daring designs, which are almost artistic in the way they're presented. But whatever your style is, there's something to suit everyone's taste with Christian Louboutin shoes.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

The wonders of Indian jewellery

Indian jewellery is my favourite style to wear, both in the day, at night and for special occasions. The great thing about it is that you can mix and match different pieces of jewellery with a range of outfits. For example this necklace pictured above by Amrita Singh is absolutely stunning and would go well with a black evening dress, as well as a more casual summer dress. I really think it's all about how you wear the jewellery and a stylish necklace or bracelet can go well with almost any outfit.

My friends say that I really like my "bling" and to be honest, it is true! Without going over the top with flashy jewellery, I like pieces that stand out but are classy and elegant. Although all of these necklaces would look amazing if paired with matching earrings, especially for occasions such as weddings, sometimes it is really nice to wear just the necklace alone because it would stand out enough. Either way jewellery does wonders for your outfit.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

The Fashion of New York City

I just got back from an amazing week in New York last month! I went there at the beginning of September for a whole week and absolutely loved it! As well as all the sight-seeing I managed to get a couple of days to go shopping in the famous areas of the city, including the fabulous Fifth Avenue, Madison Avenue and Soho. I loved all the different types of shops from Bergdorf Goodman to Saks and Tiffany's and found myself taking hours in each store!

Tiffany's was amazing and I didn't realise they had so many floors until I went inside! I bought a lovely silver necklace from Tiffany's, which is both classic and timeless and can be worn in the day as well as on nights out. Other stores that really caught my eye include Guess by Marciano in Soho. I loved this shop and received excellent customer service as soon as I walked in. Guess by Marciano has a very contemporary feel and appeals to young women because it's almost a mixture of high end designer fashion with high street fashion. The dresses were most impressive to me.

    Gbym Viscose Tube Dress

The shoes in Bloomingdales were also amazing, with so many to choose from! I personally loved their evening shoes including this pair by Ivanka Trump.

IVANKA TRUMP "Alluvia" Evening Sandals

I could talk forever about the different styles and endless boutiques in New York, and there was still so much more that I didn't get to see. I'm definitely planning another trip to the big Apple soon as there's much more New York City shopping to be done! But for now I thought I would share with you some of my favourite designers and stores in the big city.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

DVF autumn 2011 fashion

The Diane von Furstenberg autumn 2011 collection looks amazing with a range of colours and designs to keep you looking and feeling great as we get into the cold winter. Designs such as printed dresses matched with boots and a hat really complement each other well.

The beige and light brown coloured designs also go really well with the autumn look, and paired with some statement sunglasses for those sunny but chilly days, you really can't go wrong with this classic and chic look.

I'm a big fan of accessories as they really help to make your outfit, and they help each outfit look different. For example a simple scarf can transform an outfit and give you a splash of colour when wearing dark colours.

Kenley Scarf  

Handbags are definitely a favourite for all fashionistas out there! I absolutely love clutch bags that can be taken out in the evening, as well as formal occasions in the day. This metallic clutch bag by DVF is great because it's so versatile and goes with just about any outfit!

Lytton Small Metallic Leather Clutch

Overall the DVF autumn 2011 runway looks are amazing and there's plenty of variety in there to keep you looking stylish all through the winter!